3 Ways to Decrease Data Costs

3 Ways to Decrease Data Costs

Oh, how the markets have changed. During the Covid-19 boom (which let us be honest, it was a boom) VCs were handing out cash left right and center, telling companies to capitalize and grow at all costs.

The theme for 2021 — grow, grow, and grow some more. However, as we near the end of 2022, a different tune is ringing in markets as 2023 is looking to be a difficult year for startups.

Tweets share this gloomier outlook like the one below from Josh Miller — CEO of the Browser Company one of the hottest tech products in 2022 (Our team swears by it)!

How is data affected?

As teams grow and their product scales, so does the amount of data a team works with. Now, data is not going anywhere, but, this provides an opportunity to take advantage of and learn more about your customers and market as the real value-loving customers emerge from the abyss.

Teams need to learn how to optimize and streamline data operations instead of cutting them altogether. Data provides real ROI if used in the right way. As the next year eliminates a ton of operational bloat across startups, data bloat needs to go with it and Artemis helps teams do that easily.

Startups have several levers to pull to save cash and be more effective with their data. For example, they can look for ways to automate repetitive tasks, which can save time and money. They can also investigate whether they are using the most cost-effective tools and technologies, and consider switching to cheaper alternatives if they are available like Artemis!

Another way to optimize costs is by being more selective about the data that is collected and analyzed. Data teams often work with large volumes of data, but not all of it is necessarily valuable. By focusing on the data that is most critical to the business, data teams can avoid wasting time and resources on data that isn't useful.

What has Artemis built to help data teams?

Now what a 3 tangible ways teams can save money? Once teams automate their data pipelines and sync data from data sources they need, we provide a ton of tools to control exactly what data is synced and how often.

  1. Schema & Column Selection - Choose exactly what data is synced and adding value to your data workflows – down to the column.
  2. Sync Frequency: Adjust the frequency of different connectors based on their importance.
  3. Pause connectors: that are not providing immediate value without deleting them. Bring them back with a click of a button.

Play around with those exact features below!

So what does Artemis do?

Artemis was built with growth teams in mind. The ones who want scale but are looking wherever they can to cut costs. Our product helps teams save resources from the get-go.

  1. Artemis eliminates the time suck it takes engineering teams to stand up and maintain a data infrastructure.
  2. Artemis is 5X cheaper than any competitor and 10X cheaper than what teams could build an infrastructure for themselves.
  3. Features built specifically to eliminate excess spending and help teams work with data easier.


These times can be very stressful and trying to complete the same tasks on half the budget. Take the time to find what works for you and can bring the best solutions for your workflow and company. Try Artemis today and see if it is the right fit for your team today.