Artemis Meet Big Query 🤝

Artemis Meet Big Query 🤝
TL;DR - Artemis now integrates with Big Query! 

Teams using Big Query as their data warehouse can now connect directly to Artemis, giving them greater flexibility when querying, analyzing, and taking action on data stored in Big Query.

How does this help?

When appropriately utilized, data warehouses are powerful tools that can add immense value to organizations. However, it is difficult to manage and ensure that a data warehouse is utilized to its maximum potential. Artemis removes this overhead and makes running BigQuery fast and easy.

Integration Made Simple

Artemis integrates fully with Big Query, managing and integrating the rest of your data stack automatically for you with tools like:

  1. ELT - Connections to your most significant tools (Salesforce, Shopify, etc)
  2. Query Editor - Query, clean, transform and edit datasets easily
  3. Arty AI - Search-based AI-powered insights across your data.
  4. Analytics & BI - Connect your own or use our managed solution

If you are using Big Query and want to try Artemis, click here and get 300 credits free on the platform!

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