Arty AI - The New Data Interface for Founders & Operators

Arty AI - The New Data Interface for Founders & Operators
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tl;dr - Introducing Arty AI - Blending the best of AI, Excel, and real-time multiplayer to augment your ability to work with data.

Our name, Artemis, comes from the greek goddess of the hunt. The legends and myths suggest that Artemis was the most excellent hunter ever known to man.

Today, we are excited to announce the launch of Arty AI. The bow, so to speak, of the data world.

Arty - Now in beta

As a founder or operator, you want to know basic things like MRR, burn, or how your awesome new feature impacts users.

But working with internal data is tricky. There are too many data sources to access, too many tools to parse & clean data with, and too much friction.

As founders who struggled to answer basic questions at our last startups, we thought there had to be an easier way to interact with data.

So we built a product that makes interacting with data easy and as simple as thought.

Arty is built to combine the best of Excel, AI-Powered Search, and SQL to help you work with data on your terms.
Arty AI in Action!

That's how fast and intuitive Arty is; all you have to do is ask.

Arty can do things like:

  1. Build charts from questions in seconds. 📈
  2. Join datasets from across your warehouse. 👀
  3. Write complicated queries faster than you can write "Select * From" 👩‍💻
  4. Help you spend more time with insights and less time prepping them. 🥳

With Arty - you can find, interact with, and visualize data from warehouses, databases, and SaaS tools.

Teams typically use various specific or vertical tools to find, slice, dice, and prep the right datasets to get insights.

However, this isn’t helpful for daily operators who need insights on the fly. Or, as we always hear, 10 minutes ago.

Arty is designed to empowere and augment your team to work with data faster & easier. It still needs the most important part - YOU!

Work together to find insights faster! 

Arty is already in the wild, used by the most innovative companies and empowering teams to hunt data faster than ever.

If you want to leave your frustrations behind and join us, sign up below 👇

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