How Artemis Helps Marketers

How Artemis Helps Marketers

Written by: Christiana Lee

Data is rapidly changing the way businesses work across industries. Data-driven organizations are investing in analytics and big data to generate the much-needed insight to make calculated business decisions rooted in data instead of personal bias and guesswork.

According to PWC, “companies that are using data and analytics successfully are quick to spot opportunities, quick to assess ideas, and quick to test and learn from these experiences. They use data and analytics as a core enabling capability.” Many companies struggle to benefit from even basic data analytics, while others have yet to even begin using big data as a marketing tool.

From a marketing perspective, understanding the importance of data in day-to-day operations and how it relates to the customer journey is critical to reaching the right audience in less time, for less money.

Benefits of data-driven approaches to marketing

1. Harnessing the power of digital marketing Digital marketing is highly trackable and therefore presents a wide range of opportunities to marketers when it comes to capturing data. Metrics such as page views, click-through rates, conversion rates, customer acquisition costs, and more can all be measured and tracked, taking the guesswork out of marketing strategy. Interpreting this data by using the power of Artemis can help companies integrate other data sources, providing more context to the data and helping to develop tangible insights.

2. Leveraging Data Integration as a Competitive AdvantageIn a 2016 study, McKinsey found that in surveying over 1,000 sales organizations around the world, 53% of those that are “high performing’ rate themselves as effective users of data analytics. The same survey shows that most sales organizations today (~ 57%) do not view themselves as effective users of advanced analytics.

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While providing a vision for decision-making, using a tool like Artemis can limit the time businesses waste when consolidating data.

According to the same study from McKinsey, “Data integration prevents departmental, geographic and legacy application data silos that create manual data analysis. Data-driven strategies are fueled by the right data that is integrated and democratized across the organization.” By leveraging Artemis’ data integration tool, businesses can better understand the data at hand in order to make data-driven decisions to power their digital marketing strategies.

3. Understanding your consumer — Using data can help marketers better understand their audience in order to capture their attention at precisely the right time and place. Leveraging customer data drives opportunities for personalized marketing tactics that actually resonate with the customer, as opposed to generic and impersonal approaches. Targeted communications that are relevant and useful can create lasting customer loyalty and drive revenue growth of 10 to 30 percent.

An effective data platform such as Artemis allows for the seamless integration of marketing data into your lakehouse while providing the tools to prep the data for rich and accurate visualizations. As a first-class SQL product, Artemis handles the rest of your infrastructure, requiring little technical knowledge or coding. Our goal at Artemis is to give anyone, anywhere, anytime, the ability to find insights and make data-driven decisions for their business.

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