Is Data Too Expensive?

Is Data Too Expensive?
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At what cost?

Data is the new driver of success. However, is there a point where data and analytics are no longer worth the cost?

In a great article by Mikkel Dengsøe, he discusses the median salaries of data workers at the FAANG (Facebook, Amazon, Apple, etc) companies. In the United States, the median data salary is $187k USD. Now, if you look at the graph below, the numbers are even higher at FAANG companies.

Granted, these organizations are some of the largest in the world and can afford to pay thousands of employees at these salaries. But, what does it mean for startups to mid-size organizations? How are they expected to compete and grow their data teams in order to stay competitive and relevant?

While these salaries are on the high end for data workers, the average data engineer salary in the United States is still $112k according to Glassdoor.

So if we go back to the question before, the answer is,

startups and midsized organizations are not supposed to compete with FAANG companies.

Unless your business is seriously venture-backed or your team is willing to take a SIGNIFICANT pay cut, your data team will be stunted.

How do teams get around this?

At Artemis, we have seen this issue pop up for organizations countless times. A company gets tractions, begins to grow, starts to incorporate data into their daily workflow, and then stops because they don’t have the financial resources, nor the time to manage their data systems. Their team is already stretched to the max and another project seems too daunting to undertake.

That is why we launched our product. Artemis acts as your organization's data engineer, maintaining and deploying your data infrastructure for you. Our all-in-one platform allows teams to connect up to 200 sources, manage their data in their own lakehouse, transform datasets and run analytics without having to leave the app. All you need is someone who knows a little SQL and your team can work with data like you have a team of 10 engineers on staff. Artemis makes your data work for you, not against you.

What if we already have an engineer? Amazing, how lucky are you! While our tool dramatically reduces the need for data engineering on a daily basis, we built Artemis to supplement and empower your current engineer's workflow. Let us handle the boring parts of your data stack and let your engineer work their true magic by actually working with data.

Our goal is to simplify, whether it be your data stack, your data workflow, or your team's responsibilities. With Artemis, we put more time, energy, and money back in your pocket.

You can sign up to get early access to our platform here.